My wife and I couldn’t have had an easier and more enjoyable experience with our estate planning. Being in our 30’s estate planning wasn’t exactly a high priority however were very glad we took the time to do it and David couldn’t have made it any easier. Before meeting David I didn’t even have an idea of what estate planning was other than a will but David did a great job explaining the normal estate planning documents in a way that we could clearly understand. We really felt right at home. His explanations made the entire process seamless and painless. We couldn’t be more happy with our entire experience and would definitely recommend David to anyone who is searching for an estate planning attorney.

Adam W.

If only I could give David 10 stars…Being in CA with a brother who recently passed in Denver, I had no clue where to start with a probate attorney. All of David’s positive reviews here [Yelp] pointed me in his direction, and I can say with confidence that everything they say is true! This was a complicated probate and he came through every challenge flawlessly. His kind demeanor during a difficult time and his professionalism more than met my expectations. He returns phone calls and emails promptly. Whatever task was in front of us at the moment, he handled it quickly, efficiently and effectively. David has a gift for explaining the process in simple, thorough terms which provided me with a level of confidence and assurance in what needed to be done. David has been an absolute blessing all the way around. So grateful!

Sacha B.

Our family had purchased a business recently and David was so helpful throughout the entire process. He was so professional and caring, assisting us in the purchase of our business.  Also, we have a child with Disabilities. David just finished preparing us an Estate Plan and Trust to help provide security for our Daughter in the future. We Appreciate so much his professionalism and sincere caring for our family.
I highly recommend David for all Legal Needs!

Mark R.

This is how lawyers should all be! We were looking to sell our house FSBO (for sale by owner) in Lakewood. I had never done it before, so I not only needed a competent real estate attorney, but also someone that was willing to answer some fairly basic questions and walk me through how everything works. (If you’re selling your home, give FSBO a serious thought and talk to David – it’s worth your time!)

David went above and beyond in all aspects of our working relationship. Before agreeing to use his services, he spent a while walking me through the process, the paperwork needed, and answered all of my questions. During the sale and negotiation phases, he was very easy to reach and got us through the contract phase after a few phone calls, and he was then there via email and phone as I questions came up later on.

Jared B.

A lifesaver! He handled our mother (and then our step father’s probate estate) quickly, and proactively. He is kind, calm, attentive, easy to work with, and was always quick to respond when I had questions or needs. I would recommend David to anyone; he made a very difficult process as easy as it could have been.

Jennifer P.

We have used David Urban for our estate planning needs. He is no nonsense and understood our objectives immediately. After the first interview, we were able to complete the process online and by phone, saving a lot of time. We have also asked David to handle other legal matters on our behalf, he was forthright in letting us know it was outside his practice area and gave us great references for the right specialist.

Tom H.